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Your Job and a Hurricane

(This article first appeared in 2013 in my Times-Union employment column as Hurricane Irma approached Florida. My advice stands up well to the test of time. Whether it stands up to hurricane-force winds is yet to be seen.) As Hurricane Dorian approaches, most of us in Florida are making sensible preparations for keeping our family … Continue reading

When a Disaster Affects your Job

Your employer may have a strong and well-crafted emergency preparedness plan with clear policies on what to do and how to communicate during and after a storm. But you can do your part to help minimize the impact on your work and your income. Continue reading

Race Against the Machine

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that some economists have predicted the “end of employment.” Computers are able to do many of the functions that humans used to perform, from security and crime fighting to journalism. (Many of the routine game summaries you read in the sports section are actually written by software … Continue reading

How to Quit Well

So it’s time to go. Maybe even past time. You’ve been thinking about moving on from your current job for a while, and you’re wondering whether to stick it out until you find a new job or leave now. Here are some things to consider. Continue reading

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The Friday before Mother’s Day (in 2014, May 9) is the day set aside to officially recognize the role of military spouses. President Ronald Reagan started the tradition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984, and the date was standardized by the Secretary of Defense. This post is my gift to my fellow military spouses. My husband served for over 20 years in the U.S. Navy, and I know how challenging it is to find and keep meaningful employment when you follow your spouse across the country – or the world – when he or she transfers to a new duty station. Continue reading


This week is the one we set aside to give thanks for our blessings. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, you may have trouble summoning a sense of gratitude for your experience over the past few months (or years.)

Gratitude, like most feelings, can be both an experience and a practice. Many people practice gratitude each day to remind themselves of the abundance of good things in life, even if (maybe especially if)they are going through a difficult period. Continue reading

Thinking about majoring in Psychology? Think again.

CBS Moneywatch recently released a list of the college majors with the highest unemployment rates. Five of the list of 25 majors are related to psychology. “Ironically,” the accompanying article goes on to say, “Psychology is the fifth most popular college degree.” Those numbers are probably related, of course; I try to convince jobseekers that they should consider professions where competition is less fierce. In college, that usually means where the classes are much more demanding. There are always a few seats left empty in advanced Physics classes.

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Picking a Fight with Economists

I’m not an economist. They are generally really smart people who do lots of math. They are also the people who make predictions about economic recovery. In this, they have a track record that is roughly the equivalent of mine with winning lottery numbers.

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