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Whose Job is it, Anyway?

So how do families decide who does the admin? Elizabeth Emens says it happens in several ways, some of them deliberate and some entirely random. Continue reading


My People Will Be in Touch with Your People

Like most of you, I have a job. A great one that takes up a good portion of my personal bandwidth. I also have a couple of side gigs that are challenging, enjoyable, and have the added benefit of bringing in a little extra income.

I also have another job – a complicated, sometimes stressful, and unpaid job: I’m the family administrative assistant. Continue reading

You Are What You Drive

I have this theory that your car reflects your approach to taking care of business: your job, your attention to detail, how well organized you are in general. I knew a recruiter once who used to send someone out to observe applicants’ cars. If they were well cared for and well organized, she would tend to believe them when they talked about being organized on the job. But if the cars were a mess: dirty, filled with trash, in general disrepair, it threw up a red flag for her. Continue reading

Is Clutter Hurting your Job Search?

I admit it; I can’t think when things around me are in disorder. And I have trouble believing people who claim that clutter doesn’t affect them at all. When things are a mess, your brain can’t make sense of the visual landscape – you literally have too much information in front of you. This visual static keeps your brain from working on problems efficiently. For some people, this produces a sort of numbness – they feel like their brain is wrapped in a thick blanket. For others, it’s an irritant- they feel constantly strung out and stressed without knowing exactly why. Either way, the clutter has got to go.

Continue reading