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Guest Post: 8 Tips to Make your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

What makes your LinkedIn profile stand out? Check out these 8 LinkedIn profile hacks to find out. Continue reading


Make Yourself Rejection-Proof

Fear of rejection permeates our psyche in all aspects of our life. It’s scary to meet new people, ask someone out on a date, or ask for a raise. So scary, in fact, that many of us don’t ever pursue what we really want; fear of rejection can actually lock you into a life you don’t want and don’t enjoy. Continue reading

3 Essential Upgrades for New Graduates

Graduating from college or high school and beginning your first serious job search means you need some upgrades. Here are three improvements new graduates can spend some of their cash and time on before starting to schedule interviews. Upgrading your wardrobe is essential if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. Invest in … Continue reading

Designing Your Workday

Embed from Getty Images This post was inspired by a Fast Company article authored by Thomas Davies. Thomas Davies is a director of Google for Work  and a smart guy when it comes to time management. In his Fast Company article, in fact, he disdains the idea of time management. “..because “managing” time starts from the … Continue reading

Your Own Worst Enemy

As a career coach, I’ve met people who couldn’t understand why they hadn’t achieved the success they thought they deserved. In some cases, they are sabotaging their own success. Are you making any of these career mistakes? Continue reading