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Negotiate as if Your Life Depended on It

Voss believes if you can learn skills that make it more likely for you to succeed, you’ll be able to think of negotiation as just another process. You can let go of  the negative emotions holding you back from achieving your goals. Continue reading


When Bad Things Happen

What happens to you in life is less important than the story you tell yourself about it before or afterward. Sit quietly with that for a moment, then read on. Any moment, even day, in your life is merely a moment in time.  No matter how epically good or bad it was, it will pass; … Continue reading

Fear Factor

The only transition that may be scarier than a career change is starting to date again after a breakup or divorce.  Both rank up there as terrifying, especially as we age.  And both are scary for some of the same reasons.  Unlike searching for a new home or a new lawnmower, looking for a new … Continue reading