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Is Your Message More Negative than You Think?

Murphy says “when you’re about to have a difficult conversation, or deliver some constructive feedback or even send an email when you’re slightly irritated, it’s really important to PAUSE and ANALYZE the words you’re going to say.” Continue reading


Hit Send Too Soon

I’ve been waiting to see what happens when Generation Selfie and the Working Establishment collide. This story was inevitable. Continue reading

When to put it in Writing

Volumes have been written about when not to write. If you have something difficult to say, it’s best to say it in person, or so the advisors will tell you. Email (that’s how most business writing occurs today) is certainly not an ideal medium for tough conversations; it can be cold and impersonal. If you have a good relationship with someone, you want to temper your difficult conversation with personal signals; empathy is easier to express in person. But there are times when writing is the best medium.

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Pay Attention to Details

Most jobseekers know that an error on your resume will prevent you from becoming a serious candidate for a job. It’s pretty easy to make sure your resume is immaculate; it’s only one document. But for every resume you send out, you probably send dozens of email and other electronic correspondence. Continue reading