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Career Advice No One Tells You

When it comes to growth and your career, it helps to read as many self-help and career books and blogs as you can (says the career blogger.)  They are written to help you figure out how to achieve your goals, whether it’s to become wealthier, be more productive, or decide if side gigs are the right option … Continue reading

2017 is the Year of the Red Fire Chicken

As I was preparing this post, it occurs to me that there’s a big difference between the male rooster and the female chicken. Confidence (cockiness) is literally named for the male of the species, while the female name (chicken) denotes lack of courage. How did that happen? Continue reading

Focus on the Process, Not the Outcome

Take a lyre player: he’s relaxed when he performs alone, but put him in front of an audience, and it’s a different story, no matter how beautiful his voice or how well he plays the instrument. Why? Because he not only wants to perform well, he wants to be well received – and the latter … Continue reading

Results Masked as Advice

One of the barriers to change, according to the authors, is the unhelpful advice people give you when they see you have a problem. We’ve all experienced this and the authors call it “Results masked as advice.” In other words, people are telling you what results that want you to achieve, instead of telling you what to do next. “Be a team player” or “Be more open to constructive criticism” sound like good advice, until you actually try to do it.

Continue reading