Managing Generations in the Workplace

Thanks to Digital Third Coast and Professor Yorton Clark Jr, chair of the business administration department at MidAmerica Nazarene University for passing on this guide to the three most active generations in the workforce (millennials, gen x, baby boomers.) Great data on how each age group views themselves as well as how they view the … Continue reading

FlexJobs Warns of Work at Home Scams

Embed from Getty Images National Consumer Protection Week  was March 6-12,  and FlexJobs has detailed three new online scams that specifically target job seekers interested in work-from-home jobs.  These job scams include the reshipping scam, the Post Office scam, and the online interview scam.  According to a FlexJobs survey with over 2,600 respondents, 17 percent … Continue reading

The Cobra Effect

They go on to describe one of the worst effects of cultures that are low on motivation and managed by a team that believes in external (indirect) motivation. They call it the Cobra Effect, and it’s a classic (and hilarious) example of incenting the wrong thing. Continue reading

#Find Your Calling Day

 From EMSI: The struggle is real. Finding a job is hard. That’s why Emsi and CareerBuilder created Find Your Calling to help you get an early start on discovering your career match. On March 2, we are inviting all students everywhere to find exciting career matches, explore education options, and enter the #FindYourCallingDay sweepstakes by … Continue reading

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

(This is the third post based on Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor.) In Primed to Perform, Doshi and McGregor present a way to measure Total Motivation (TOMO) for an individual or a team. Positive motivation means increasing a worker’s sense of ply, purpose and potential. Negative motivation includes factors of emotional pressure, … Continue reading

Three Factors that Make Work Miserable

(This is the second post based on Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor.) In Primed to Perform, Doshi and McGregor make the case that any company can improve performance by increasing workers’ sense of play, purpose and potential. Unfortunately, most companies focus on extrinsic factors when they try to increase performance. And … Continue reading

Primed to Perform

You may believe that most people work for extrinsic (external) factors like pay, praise, or awards. But in the introduction to Primed to Perform, Doshi and McGregor write, “Money is weak glue.” Continue reading

The Gig Economy

Mr. Nunberg believes that the rise of the gig economy (also called the On Demand Economy and “Free Agent Nation”) signals the end of jobs as we know them. He may be right. Continue reading