Choosing Challenging Tools

In the 1950s, we imagined a future where robots and machines did all the work for us; we would only need to push a few buttons every few minutes, and watch as tasks accomplished themselves. We’re not quite there yet, but we certainly can accomplish a tremendous amount of work by pushing a few buttons. Continue reading

Why Hobbies Matter

Gardening, home improvement, and crafts, of course. We still take on work for pleasure, of course, which is the definition of a hobby. Sometimes, we even monetize our hobby; Etsy is exhibit A. But for the most part, a hobby is something you do for love, regardless of how skilled you happen to be. But does what you do for fun matter to your career? Continue reading

There is No Try

Yoda is a great career coach. In perhaps his most famous scene, he commands Luke Skywalker, fledgling Jedi, to raise a spaceship with his mind. Reluctantly, Luke agrees to “try.” “No,” interjects Yoda sternly. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”
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