How to Quit Well

So it’s time to go. Maybe even past time. You’ve been thinking about moving on from your current job for a while, and you’re wondering whether to stick it out until you find a new job or leave now. Here are some things to consider. Continue reading

Make the Most of Holiday Parties

December is one of the busiest social seasons of the year. Arguably, we attend more parties this month than any other. That can be a blessing and a curse if you’re in a job hunt or thinking about changing jobs next year. Here are some tips to help you survive – and perhaps thrive. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to Deal With a Depressed Coworker

Depression is a difficult illness for everyone involved. Obviously the person living through depression has it the worst, trying to reconcile persistent negative thoughts or to express feelings to other people. But depression also has a massive impact on people who interact with those afflicted by it. Friends, family, and coworkers of depressed individuals often … Continue reading