Want to Be More Creative? Be More Rude.

Creative brainstorming sessions are often killed by the very thing that makes the rest of office life bearable: politeness. That’s right: if you want to be more creative, you must be ready to be more rude. Continue reading


Expertise Versus Curiosity

Lang believe that most business people believe in the power of expertise. People who know things are smart people, and what they think matters. The problem with this theory is that experts are creating ideas based on what has worked before. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide To Background Checks

When you’re preparing for a job interview, there’s a lot to think about — what to wear, what to bring and what to ask, for example. As you’re preparing, though, don’t forget this crucial detail: the background check. Leave it to chance, and you risk all kinds of surprises and snags that could disrupt the hiring process. Continue reading