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Keep Calm and Carry On

“Someone who has Nerves of Steel thinks when times are tough. They make decisions efficiently; they push their emotions aside, and so their decisions are not overly affected by them.” James Bond never panics.   Continue reading


Rule Number 6

I’m a big fan of humor in the workplace. If we’re not having fun (most of the time), it’s our own fault.
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Expertise Versus Curiosity

Lang believe that most business people believe in the power of expertise. People who know things are smart people, and what they think matters. The problem with this theory is that experts are creating ideas based on what has worked before. Continue reading

Are You Coachable?

To be coachable, a player needs to be open to the idea that he has room to improve. That attitude is in direct opposition to what got that player to the big leagues in the first place: huge confidence and unswerving belief that s/he’s the best of the best. Continue reading