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Guest Post: Choosing a Resume Format

(Guest post by Resume Genius) Before you write your resume, you need to pick an appropriate resume format. The best format for you personally will depend on your work experience, relevant skill set, and target industry. There are three main resume formats for you to choose from, and they are the:  Chronological format  Functional format … Continue reading

How to prove your value at work

Do you get the credit you deserve at your job? Whether you wish you made a little more, or just got a little more recognition, not feeling appreciated can make working tough. Though you aren’t entirely responsible for seeking that recognition, it’s still important to ask yourself if you’re really bragging enough to warrant it. … Continue reading

My Psychic Career Coach

In my last post, I wrote about Toronto, Canada-based Ralph Hammelman, the founder of My Psychic Coach and a second-generation tarot reader. He offered me a free reading in exchange for an honest review of my experience. I classified myself to Ralph as “an open-minded skeptic.” I am a Midwesterner with both feet firmly on … Continue reading

Your Next Career Move is in the Cards

January is pitch month – the month most writers receive all kinds of ideas for posts or articles from a wide variety of sources.  This one was nearly irresistible: Subject: Candace, want to review a Psychic Coach (who’s also a Professor & hit Songwriter)? You bet I do. Toronto, Canada-based Ralph Hammelman is the founder … Continue reading

The Road to Confidence Part 1: Handling Worry

Losing your job is a traumatic experience. It ranks among the top 10 stressors for adults, along with death and divorce. In fact, being let go feels like an awful combination of death and divorce, an event that will surely shake your confidence. And confidence is what you need for a successful career transition. No … Continue reading

For 2020, Write a Career Plan

What’s your plan? If 2019 was not all you’d hoped for at work, you might be thinking of moving on this year. Here’s an alternative idea: create a plan to grow and thrive where you are right now. Large companies often create career plans for rising stars. The plans help leadership prepare for the future … Continue reading

Shy? Here’s How to Get Over It.

One of the keys to a successful job search is networking, which can be defined as meeting people you don’t know to ask for something you don’t have.  If you’re by nature a shy person, networking can be agonizing.  When biologists and zoologists use the term shy to describe animals, it generally means “tends to … Continue reading