Beware of Job Scams

Recently, the Workforce Center in Panama City, Florida reported an incident where an impostor posted a position on the Employ Florida Marketplace.  When jobseekers responded to the ad, they were asked to send money in advance for “required training for the job.”

In this case, the company was also a victim; a legitimate company registration was used for the phony job posting.

According to the scam site thats, fake Job offers typically fall into three different categories of scams – advanced fee fraud, money mule scams and check cashing scams, and sometimes a combination. The point of fake job offers is usually identity theft or money laundering.

WorkSource reminds you that it can be difficult to determine when a listing is simply a scam. Here are some warning signs that should alert you:

  • Emails that do not come from a company URL (ABC Bank at, for example)
  • Misspellings, grammatical mistakes, or weird syntax in the message (“the company can be offering you as best salary…”)
  • An employer offering employment without an interview
  • An employer who charges a fee to employ, find placement, or provide training prior to an official job offer; likewise, an employer that offers to send you a check that you cash in advance of employment.
  • Employers who make exaggerated claims of earnings or profits
  • Any employer requesting that you transfer funds or receive packages for reshipment, especially if they are located overseas

Here are some tips to keep you from falling prey to scammers:

  • Look up the company; if you can’t find it in a Google search, you should be cautious.
  • If the message makes you suspicious, paste the text of the email into a search engine. You may find sites that warn you against the scam.
  • Do not provide your social security number or any other sensitive information to an employer unless you are confident that the employer is legitimate
  • Be wary when replying to unsolicited emails for work-at-home employment
  • Be cautious of employers who conduct their interviews in a home setting or in motel rooms
  • If there is a link in the email, hover your cursor over it (but do NOT click it.) This often reveals that the real location the link will take you is a phishing website.

Have you received any of these fake job offers? Leave a comment and let us know.


32 thoughts on “Beware of Job Scams

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    • I think you’re wise to refuse to give any personal information over the phone. This does not sound like a legitimate offer. If you email me the name of the company, I can try to investigate for you. cmoody at


  2. I have been getting a call from a staffing agency from out of town, they always tell me about a job that matches my resume perfect, allot of time they even use real company names, but if you refuse to give your social security number over the phone then you do not qualify for this position. I always tell them I will provide it at the interview but I am not giving it out over the phone, they have my resume already.I believe this is a scam but I am not sure what to do when I get these calls, I have had a couple of them.


  3. There is a company called Langeland Express dealing out of NY city that is also a scam, they say that they are an international transport company that is HQ in Copenhagen Denmark. However its not registered with the state of New York. They are very sophisticated, they have a training program that strings you along for 4 weeks telling you while your in training about special projects to earn you more money. They ask you if you have a balance on your credit card, then what the scam is, they will pay off your balance for you then you buy equipment laptops, cameras, etc. to send out of the country. They have a very good website and multiple people in on the scam. don’t fall for it.


    • Hi I too have been some what taken in by Langeland Express. Though I did do a search for them in Google and also contacted the government in Denmark that lists all companies registered there. before beginning with them. That government agency told me all companies based out of Denmark have a CVR number which tells you their history, size, number of employees, etc. When asked to send this CVR number several times from my Langeland training instructors, the request was ignored. I have been in “training” now for two weeks. Assignments are often late, when my training person, named Andrew Coleman says he is going to do something like call to set up my dates for stage two of the interview process when they are going to send me to New York for an all expense paid training he generally does not follow through with what he says he is going to do. There are too many warning signs with this company. They say they are involved in shipping mining and oil supplies to big companies, yet all the training is about basic international shipping regulations that deal with plants, animals firearms, pharmaceuticals, in short, anything but mining and oil industry supplies. When questioned about this, they refuse to answer the question. They promise 6 figures a year, all expense paid training, ability to work from home, full benefits, double pay for travel, it all sounds too….. good. I have stuck with them for two weeks now because they have not asked me to do anything but pass their simple tests based on basic international shipping regulations. Something anyone could do. It all sounds too good to be true…. and guess what, it is… Linda Parks is supposedly the head of human resources in New York but also refuses calls. I had an interview last week on the phone from what sounded like Denmark with echoes and everything one would expect from an overseas phone call. I was told I did an impressive job and part time work would likely come my way this week Today, for the second time my short training module has not come They say they will send you a lesson everyday for four weeks. Take a test once a week, score well and I will likely get that all paid expense trip to New York for more training and that six figure year job as mentioned earlier. Today their website Langeland Express is conveniently off line for three weeks. A website by the way, that will not come up in any searches. I think they are on to me being on to them and my six figure a year “fantasy” job is beginning to evaporate. I wonder how they live with themselves raising peoples hopes, wasting their time and then promising them things they never planned on delivering… Also if anyone lives by 40th East 16th Street in New York City. Stop by and see if there actually is a Langeland Express company in that building as they say there is.


      • I just wanted to add, I believe the companies listed address in NYC is 16 E.40 not 40 E 16th as I mentioned in the post. It is hard to get it right because their website is conveniently off line for three weeks for maintenance. They also list a Toronto address on that site so… it would be interesting if someone lives in those cities to go physically look and see if a company is even there.


      • I was temporarily unemployed, needing revenue when was approached by these scammers with Langeland Express who got my c.v off a job forum. Which one I don’t know. Lesson here is avoiding posting c.v. on indeed, career or any other of the dozens of job site networks. Worthless endeavor. I did these same tests, got the call from Danish sounding Euro woman too. I had no plans to continue further until the $2k promised for completing first fours weeks of testing showed up. Of course, it never did so I expressed my rage with their lies, other b.s. in an email sent to Andrew Coleman scammer, crook. It was only to vent as knew full well there would be no reply. To scam people into buying what I hope is only small amounts of electronic gear to send overseas spending time, energy to put it all together as a sort of modern sting is impressive. Hopefully, no one was bilked out large amounts. This occurred in Jan / Feb 2015. May their demise be a nasty one!! They deserve no less !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Yes and they have all disappeared a long time ago without a trace. Yet, I still get emails for logistic jobs and wonder if it is not them with new names! I think Indeed and Career need to be accountable for selling peoples personal information. Of course you can’t contact them either. Maybe their run by Andrew and Linda…. If a company needs to hire people by random emails, in today’s economy you know something is wrong. How can anyone offer you a job when they don’t even know who you are?….. I guess some blame has to lie on this end. 2,000 a week is hard to not at least look at it….Obviously then know this….. I had a strange phone call one day inquiring about my student loans. It sounded just like…. Linda Parks….


      • I too have been in contact with a company with the same scenario, but the company is TWL Express. The HR person is Laura Collins. My manager is named Mr. Bryan B. Mester. I’m supposed to start with the training and the daily emails on Monday. The website doesn’t come up on a search. It look somewhat real, but lacking in details. The HQ is in Denmark, same as Langeland. And,the US office in NY. Scam?


  4. Unfortunately for me I took the bait with Langeland Express. Andrew got me to charge MacBooks on my credit at Best Buy. I was skeptical but I went through with it knowing I will only ship the items after the fact I got paid. The first time I got paid it went through successfully it was only after my second time the payment started to reverse it self.

    Here are the account numbers to Wells Fargo he gave me:

    Acct 1010282809681
    Routing 063107513

    Acct 1010009286694
    Routing 031000503

    Acct 6376900095
    Routing 121042882

    I trusted in the credit card system and figured once it cleared my credit card how can the payment reverse itself after couple of days but it can. Andrew, Linda Parks, and their whole team are crooks. At the time I got hooked I didn’t see anything on the internet about this scam and I was still trying to be careful as i could but I got suckered.

    If you get far enough you will get one of these emails:

    This e-mail is to notify you that on 12-00 P.M., 1/22/2015 the
    Financial department, Copenhagen signed a paycheck (issued by CITI) for total amount $4,000.00 USD
    All paychecks for group 12-22-1354 will be sent out by 12-00PM, 1/26/2015
    The address confirmed by A.Coleman /US Dept/ on 1/19:

    Upon receive please re-confirm through your manager.

    Aarøn Sørensøn, Senior Accountant. Langeland Express Co.
    /Orestads Boulevard 67, København, Denmark 2300
    COPENHAGEN: [45] 36 99 78 90
    MANCHESTER: [44] 16 1818 4890
    NEW YORK: [ 1] 646 593 8910
    TORONTO: [ 1] … … ….


    • Beyond simply just “chalking it up to experience” you might consider filing a complaint with the FTC (I did) and one with the Attorney General of New York State. This live and learn attitude only goes so far and if enough people file complaints then perhaps something can be done. Certainly the New York phone number is traceable. And doing nothing just allows them to continue, seems to me there should be some consequences for their actions.


    • I got a phone message from Linda Parks saying they were interested in me and would email me in a couple of days. I emailed them at one point and asked them how they got my resume and information to begin with and she said, “they must have found it on, or” a warning right there. It seems to me if they were really interested in me, they would have all my information right in front of them. I also wanted to contact and find out who has access to these resumes we post to begin with. Do employers pay for access to them? How about all the other job seekers middle people who contact us as soon as you post a resume. Can anyone access this information? Seems like we are putting up a lot of personal information for general consumption and not knowing who is able to access it. I am going to try to contact and complain about this apparently letting anyone access their information…


  5. Hi,

    I received the email below and it sounds like they are back. The phone number provided and website are no good.

    Thank you for your interest in the Project Manager position and in our training program.

    We are interested in VA area, mainly because of companies like military contracts in Norfolk and few industrial companies,
    all located in your area. In your case, the office will be in Richmond – it’s due to open in May.
    You won’t have to relocate. You can either work from our nearest branch or from home. When the exact location is announced,
    you’ll be one of the first to know. If you choose to work from home, we’ll provide everything you need including laptop, scanner, printer and phone.

    To apply, please fill out the attached Questionnaire and Agreement and return them via email within 1-2 business days. If you still have any
    questions we’d be happy to phone you for a chat at a time that suits you – just let us know in your email.

    TRAINING DETAILS: The next training session starts on the 3rd of April and lasts 5 weeks. The first 4 weeks are devoted to daily studies
    with a weekly test on Fridays, and the 5th week is reserved for the final test.

    For the next 4 weeks, you will be receiving one study pack in your email every morning, Monday through Friday. The Friday pack will also include a short test
    to assess your understanding of what you studied during the week. Highest scoring trainees will be invited to take part in part-time projects, for which they
    will be paid. Paychecks will be sent out after you’ve completed the 4th test and before taking the final one. All trainees receive $2,000 as remuneration for
    their time and effort. Please note: getting an above average test score can double this amount.

    If you pass successfully through the first stage, you’ll be invited to take part in the second. The second stage takes place in New York and features a week-long
    course of instruction followed by a final interview. We cover all expenses, including travel, food and accommodation. Your full-time engagement will begin after
    you’ve completed both stages of the training. The full-time contract will be a W2 – the training period is covered by a 1099.

    APPLICATION: A copy of the pre-contract agreement (valid for 5 weeks of the training) and the questionnaire are attached.
    The Training Department would also like to conduct a telephone interview. I’ll sort out the timing for that as soon you send me your papers.

    Best regards,

    Laura Collins, Human Resources Dept.
    [866] 321 6761 /
    TWL Express (New York) Co., LLC.


    • Hello

      This is the same company just a different state and changed the wording.

      I am writing to thank you for your interest in the position of Project Manager with TWL Express.
      First of all, I’ll tell you something about the company and what we do, and then I’ll give you further details about the position on offer.
      We also encourage you to visit our website to learn more about who we are and what we do.

      TWL Express is a fast growing, privately run European (Copenhagen-based) logistics company.
      Our comprehensive range of logistics services includes transportation via air, sea and land; warehousing and supply chain management.
      We currently have a total of more than 1000 employees distributed between our offices in Europe, China and the U.S.A.
      We hope to increase our presence in TX with your help.

      INDUSTRY: Logistics & Transportation.
      LOCATION: Headquartered in Copenhagen, expanding within the United States and Canada.
      FOUNDED: 2008.
      VISION STATEMENT: To provide the best possible logistics services at reasonable prices by focusing on our customers’ needs.
      MISSION STATEMENT: To increase the efficiency of freight management by introducing innovative, cost-effective logistics solutions.

      POSITION: Project Manager (ref. num: 1010)
      • DEVELOPING GOALS: the project manager must ensure that realistic goals are set for all departments involved in a project;
      • PLANNING: the project manager is responsible for drafting plans detailing how the work will be carried out;
      • MONITORING: the project manager is responsible for monitoring and reporting on progress made throughout the project;
      • CLOSING: on completion of the project, the project manager should request feedback on the work carried out.

      SALARY (FIXED): $90,000.00 annually
      POSITION: Full-time, Permanent
      BENEFITS: medical insurance, 401k, 15 days paid vacation, sick leave, federal holidays, and bonuses
      WORKING HOURS: 9am-5pm, local time
      TRAINING PROGRAM: paid, $2,000-4,000
      TRAINING PROGRAM DETAILS: a 4-week online training course based on the reading of 4 study packs (one per day, Monday through Thursday) followed,
      every Friday, by a short test to assess understanding of the study materials.

      Training takes less than 30 minutes a day, so it shouldn’t interfere with any of your other activities.
      At the end of the 4th week, you’ll receive a paycheck for $2,000 or $4,000, depending on the results of your final test. If you pass, you’ll be
      invited to the second stage of the training. The second stage, which is one week in length, is held in our offices. Stage 2 includes a brief introductory course,
      a final interview and negotiation of your contract. The company will cover all your expenses for the duration of the course.

      Please let me know if you’re interested in the process, and I’ll forward you the full details with instructions on how to apply.

      Thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

      Laura Collins, Human Resources Dept.
      [866] 321 6761 /
      TWL Express (New York) Co., LLC.


    • Hi Margarita Maya,

      My Name is Dennis and I’m curious if you’ve found out anything else from this TWL Express company?

      Is it legit or a job scam?



  6. I have been in training with TWL Express for the past two weeks. I have had one behavioral question type interview with someone from the UK. Bryan Mester and Laura Collins are my contacts. I have passed two tests and from the start I have had a sneaky suspicion that something was not right. The website does not show the team, Laura and Bryan, both in HR, are not on LinkedIn and I am told that I have been selected based on my high test scores to take care of a project. I have not been able to report this to the FBI because their Internet Crime complaint form has a glitch with the phone number section of the form that would not allow me to submit my complaint. Geez! And the FBI is in charge of cybersecurity! I am not able to speak to a person in the department and the local offices only send you to the website. I have real work to attend to so I can see why these scams go unchecked.

    I was promised $90k and full benefits. I am not sure what else we can do to get the word out.



  7. I received an email from an Adam King yesterday about Andie Logistics – Payment Manager position.

    From: Adam King
    Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 10:50:42 AM
    Subject: Greetings EG

    I have recently contacted you to know whether you are interested in our new position of an Payment Manager for a part-time or full-time employment. Please let me know if you are available. Otherwise send us a request to remove you from our database. Regards, Adam King

    I told them that i’m interested (who wouldn’t be interested in $30/hr., 40 hrs/week) and they asked me to fill-up an application form, sent the form with home address, phone number, references. After less than an hour i received the following e-mail.

    Dear E,

    Your recent application for Payment Manager has been approved by the Personnel Department. Your abilities appear suitable to the needs of Andie Logistics and we offer you a position beginning immediately at the salary discussed.

    At Andie Logistics, every employee is an important member of the company. All employees have the opportunity to rise according to their abilities. Thus, even entry-level employees are selected with great care.

    Congratulations on being selected.

    What Is the Next Step?

    Employment Agreement: fill-in, print, sign, scan and send it back

    Identity document*: scan and send it back (you should close your

    birth date and id number under the law of confidentiality.)

    To verify your identity you have to send us a scan of your ID,

    passport or DL. You may use scanner/digital camera/web camera. Your document will only be used for verification purposes and will be stored in a secure area.

    If you are happy with the proposed terms and wish to accept this offer of employment, please sign the duplicate copy of agreement and return it to me within 5 days. After that you will have telephone interview. In the event I have not heard from you by that date, this offer will be automatically withdrawn on that date.

    If you disagree with, or do not understand or wish to clarify anything in this offer, please contact me to discuss any issue you wish to raise.

    My best to you in this new undertaking.


    Adam King HR Team Andie Logistics Inc. Tel: 647-496-9723 website:

    This is when it started to sink in that it’s a “too good to be true” opportunity.
    I tried calling the number, nobody’s picking-up. I tried the website, it’s full of grammatical errors and the only other translation is in Chinese.
    Have been researching on them since then and only this morning that i saw this post.

    I’m putting these information here to warn others.


    • I hope you didn’t send any personal information, Elmer. This is a classic example of a job scam – a too-good-to-be-true offer that fronts a ploy to get your personal information. Thanks for sharing your experience.


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