Social Media and Your Job Search Part Two: More from my Interview with Tamara Joiner

On August 27, Tamara Joiner, president of IntelliTalent Management Consulting, LLC,  spoke to the WorkSource Professional Network on how social media can have an impact on your job search.  Here are a few tips from Joiner, got her start in human resources as a recruiter in Washington, DC over twenty years ago.  She has worked in staffing ever since and is a Certified Personnel Consultant.  

Joiner says that the most important part of your online “digital footprint” is your online brand.  When people connect with you online, what do they see?  If you’re just keeping up the basics, they see where you’ve worked and what pages you link to and keep up with.  It should go without saying that those pages should represent professional interests and be family-friendly in their content.

Joiner says that people will also want to see who you are connected with, and more importantly, what they have to say about you.  The recommendations on LinkedIn are one of the first things Joiner looks for when she considers a candidate.  “If you’ve been in your industry for 15 years, and don’t have a single recommendation, what does that say about your career or your connections in the industry?”  she asks.   She strongly suggests that people reach out to others they’ve done business with and ask for recommendations.

Her second recommendation is to get involved in groups.  Join those that have members connected to your industry, and use the discussion forums to add thoughtful and professional insight.  Joiner says that your contributions will help brand you as a savvy professional – someone who recruiters will notice when looking for talent.

Another way to use online media is to watch what people are reading – and share what you find interesting, too.  It takes just a couple of clicks and a couple of seconds to share an article on industry trends and write a brief comment.  It’s another way to stay active and engaged  – and connect with your network.

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