Are you the Right Fit for the Company?

When you go through the interview process for a job, you go to great lengths to demonstrate that your skills are a great match for the position. Common sense, right? What if everything you thought about the hiring process was reversed? Rather than spend time talking to them about your experience, maybe you should spend time on how you think and feel. Continue reading

Manners Matter

Along with cursive penmanship and letter writing, formal etiquette seems to be a lost art. Do manners still matter in the age of texting and flip flops at the White House? Continue reading

Stranger in a Strange Land

In a typical day of running errands in Jacksonville, I’ll encounter workers who have come from all over the world: Vietnam, Africa, Europe, India, and South America. I have enormous admiration for someone who chooses to locate to another country and master language, culture and new job skills. I spoke recently to an American who chose to work outside the U.S. and master those same skills. Continue reading

Infographic: How to Find Jobs in this Economy

Courtesy: MidAmerica Nazarene University The statistics are sobering. 7.9% of recent college graduates are unemployed, and 36.7% of recent grads are working in positions that don’t require a degree. As the US economy continues to recover, the class of 2014 faces a grim outlook when it comes to finding jobs and paying off student debt … Continue reading

Insufficiently Exuberant Teams

Burkeman goes on to say that research shows that forced fun doesn’t work. “…researchers found that many experienced the party atmosphere as a burden, not a boon. Prêt a Manger, the British sandwich chain with branches in America, reportedly sends mystery shoppers to its cafes, withholding bonuses from insufficiently exuberant teams.” Continue reading